Bad Breath in Senior Dogs: Tips and Tricks

How to Banish Senior Dog Bad Breath: Tips and Tricks

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If you have a senior dog, you may have noticed that its breath isn’t as fresh as it used to be. 


As a matter of fact, dogs and kittens are sensitive creatures prone to unhealthy things more rapidly, isn’t it?


Nevertheless, dog parenting is a difficult task to carry out. One must be aware of every single need of a dog. Just like human babies, you must take proper care of your pets. So, people acquire different parenting styles to up-bring their dogs. Studies show that 29% of dog owners adopt a similar way of parenting while 16% use a different manner, unlike others. 


Senior dog bad breath is a serious problem, as it causes due to multiple reasons.


senior dog bad breath


So, it is necessary to take proper care of your little buddy.

If you are a new parent looking for a guide that helps you to become pro at parenting your fluffy friend, read this guide by one of our expert vet.

What Do You Think Are The Reasons For a Senior Dog Bad Breath? Are They Curable?

Here are some of the reasons for your senior dog’s bad breath that can help you to take care of your pet in a more effective way.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene:

Poor oral hygiene is the top in list reason for a senior dog bad breath. It forms due to the build-up of Plaque and tartar between the teeth of your little friend. Smaller dog breeds tend to get affected more quickly because of bad oral hygiene than larger breeds. 


senior dog with poor oral hygiene
Photo from Unsplash


If you do not brush your dog’s teeth, it can result in bad odor-causing bacteria that contribute to tooth decay. So, the best cure is to brush your dog’s teeth daily.

  • Improper diet:

The diet also affects the body in so many ways; out of them, one is a terrible odor. Proper eating habits can prevent issues related to health and bad breath.

It is necessary to keep a check on what you feed your dog, as food plays a vital role in a senior dog bad breath issues. 

The reason behind this is; commercial dog food usually contains fish as a source of protein and omega fatty acids to cure joint problems. The concentration of these ingredients in dog food is high, and if your dog is eating the same food daily, you may feel the smell.


senior dog bad breath
Photo from Unsplash


So, the cure for this issue is to feed your dog with no bad breath-causing food.


There are certain foods that your dog can eat— check them out here.

Do You Know Bad Breath in Dogs is a Sign of Illness?

Besides oral and food hygiene— and if both are perfect,  the question arises, what else can be the reason for your canine’s bad breath?

You must be thinking, is bad breath in dogs a sign of illness? Well, yes. You got it right. Some other factors of a senior dog bad breath include its sickness too. There are many diseases because of which your dog can have an unpleasant mouth odor. These are:

  • Liver or Kidneys Disease:

The liver and kidneys are vital parts of an animal body. They play an essential role in a dog’s overall health. Although these organs have different functions, they share the same sign-bad breath. 

Your dog may have a kidney issue if their breath smells like ammonia, comparable to bleach. Whereas— a liver condition is the cause of bad breath, vomiting, loss of appetite, and a yellow tint to the gums.

  • Cancer:

Cancer is a prevalent disease in humans as well as animals. It is due to the growth of abnormal cells within the body that destroys the overall immune system. There are many symptoms of dog cancer, and out of them is dog bad breath cancer. The dog bad breath cancer is a sign of oral cancer in your pet. 


dog bad breath cancer
Photo from Unsplash

Cancer is of many types— one is Melanoma. It is a kind of skin cancer. It forms in the eyes, nose, and throat. Dogs with oral melanoma may have blood in their saliva, trouble eating and swallowing, or a diminished appetite. Heavy-duty hound halitosis, or bad breath, is typically the first thing dog owners notice.

You need to book an appointment with your dog’s veterinarian to help your dog to cure these diseases.

What is Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy?

Well, if you are playing with your little friend. You feel a stinky smell coming from your dog’s mouth that’s unpleasant, though. So, before you can go and see a veteran for this, you need to do something with your dog’s bad breath at home. 

However, dog bad breath home remedy can save you from this unpleasant smell.

  • Toothbrush:

Brush your dog’s teeth every day with toothpaste, specifically made to prevent dog bad breath. Both toothbrushes and toothpaste — play a vital role in cleaning your little friend’s teeth and mouth. 

So, make sure  they are of good quality and suit your dog’s oral hygiene. 

For this purpose we recommend Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste. You can buy it directly from this link.


Dog bad breath home remedy
Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste
  • Carrots And Apple Slices:

Slices of carrots and apples can serve the purpose so well. These slices of carrots and apples to chew with your little friend— can do wonders. Both carrots and apples are good for health and can keep the breath fresh. 

You can check out some options for healthy snacks for dogs here.

  • Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice:

Coconut oil contains antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties that help fight bad dog breath. These immunity-increasing properties also enhance a dog’s skin and coat health and make it shiny.

We recommend Viva Naturals Organic Extra-Virgin coconut oil.

Dog bad breath home remedy
Viva-naturals Organic Coconut Oil

While on the other hand, lemon juice has acidic properties that help prevent plaque and tartar buildup causing bacteria. It is a natural freshener that keeps your dog’s breath fresh with every sip of water.

lemon juice for dog bad breath
Iberia 100% Lemon Juice

But remember, it can be harmful if used it greater quantities. So, make sure not to exceed the recommended dose.

What To Do To Prevent Bad Breath, Or What Are The Old Dog Bad Breath Solutions?

Following are some of the old dog bad breath solutions for your pet:

  • Dental treatment is the best solution for your dog to get rid of old dog bad breath. Try dog dental chew toys approved by Veterinary Oral Health Council. We recommend Nylabone Teething Kit.

Old dog bad breath solutions

  • Dental wipes help to clean dogs’ teeth as they contain chlorhexidine gluconate that destroys the bacteria which causes gum disease. 

If interested, you can buy Vet’s Best Dental Care Finger Wipes by using our link and help us to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Old dog bad breath solutions


  • Dental water additives can also be a good option for your dog’s bad breath. These dental additives added with water can solve your pet’s bad odor problems. However, some breeds don’t like the taste of dental additives— you must confirm before using them. Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Care can be a good purchase and is effective in removing bad breath in senior dogs.


Old dog bad breath solutions
Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Care


  • Regular mouth checkups from your dog’s vet can be helpful too.

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