What are the best dog Grooming Hammock for Large Dogs

What’s The Best Dog Grooming Hammock For Large Dogs?

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Grooming large dogs can be challenging at times. Their continuous paw movements to avoid it can give you a pretty tough time for clipping their nails or hair trimming. But not anymore! You can use the large dog grooming hammock for sedation-free grooming. Moreover, you can use it for other daily chores, such as bathing.

You can choose your best dog grooming hammock for large dogs from our 5 tested picks. These harnesses are best known for their high-quality manufacturing, long-lasting construction, and affordable price from installation to grooming.

So without further ado, let’s get started! 

How Can You Find The Right Size Of Grooming Hammock For Large Dogs?

You will find a handful of premium quality slings for your larger dogs. But getting the right fit for your more giant canine can be difficult at times. To avoid it, you can refer to the brand’s specific size chart to get the right-sized sling for your dog.

We are also sharing a size chart for your larger dogs to make it easier. You can have a look to get an estimated size reference for a dog grooming hammock for larger dogs.

Dog Size

Maximum Load

Spacing Between Legs

Large (L)


12.5 inches

Extra-Large (XL)


15.5 inches

Double Extra Large (XXL)


21 inches

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best large dog hammock for grooming

How Do You Use A Dog Grooming Hammock?

Once you get the right size sling for your dog, you must know how you can use it for your giant fur ball. That is why we are sharing this step-by-step guide on how you can use a dog grooming sling for nail trimming. Have a look!

  • Go for the flat-surface area for setting up the grooming hammock. It will provide firm support to the set-up.
  • Use a solid rod or hammock arm that can handle the load of your giant canine.
  • Always check the sturdiness of the rod before hanging your dog to avoid any accident.
  • Now, put your dog into the hammock carefully. Make sure you have put all four feet into the holes.
  • Now, hang the hammock along with your dog at a safer spot.
  • Don’t hang too high from the flat surface to avoid injuries.

The Best Dog Grooming Hammock For Large Dogs

We Tested The 5 Best Dog Grooming Hammock For Large Dogs In 2022

After testing the top-rated grooming hammock, we have hand-picked our 5 top-rated ones. We find the AETSON Pet grooming hammock the best dog grooming hammock for large dogs. Its premium quality and comfortable usability serve the best in the market to calm your dog while grooming. But it may not be solely the best option for all of you. That is why we are sharing the 5 top-notch dog grooming harnesses.

Let’s get started!

1- ATESON Pet Grooming Hammock | Best Multi-Tasking Hammock

best large dog grooming hammock

ATESON grooming hammock is one of the most pleasing harnesses because it ensures dogs’ comfortable yet efficient grooming. Its multi-purpose feature is because of the high-end double-layer fabric design that allows it to handle heavy and oversized dogs for a longer time. Moreover, its thick edges will reduce the friction for optimal protection. You can choose the right size for your dog, referring to the size chart available.


  • 3D air-mesh technology
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to use
  • Highly maneuver


  • Leg holes are a bit closer (for some large breeds)

The maximum size capacity for a large dog is 50 lbs. while for XL dogs are, 80lb. This vast carrying capacity makes it useful for grooming, bathing, and carrying. It’s sturdy and soft to calm the zealous dogs such as huskies for a smooth grooming session. It eliminates the need for sedatives for nail trimming sessions and saves the vet’s expense.


2.  Guzekier Pet Dog Grooming Hammock | Best Functional Hammock

Guzekier Pet Dog Grooming Hammock

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly grooming deal that ensures your dog’s cleaning without much hassle, this Guzekier hammock is the right pick for you. It is sturdy to hold large breed dogs. Also, its mesh textile material makes it soft, preventing the aggressiveness of your canine after or during the process. This sling is sewn, which embellishes its features with more durable use. Moreover, you can use it for handicapped dogs to carry them easily.


  • Suitable for sheepdogs and Labradors
  • Best for brushing and nail trimming
  • High-end professional grooming kit


  • Inappropriate size leads to crashing.

Like the ATESON grooming hammock, this hammock is also made up of dual-layer technology. I.e., soft knitted inner protected by 3D air mesh material from the outside. But the holding capacity of ATESON is 80 lbs. Guzekier can hold up to a maximum dog weight of 70lbs. So choose accordingly. However, its powerful performance will compensate for the struggle of finding the right size.


3. Dog Lift Harness | Best Supportive Hammock

Dog Lift Harness | Best Supportive Hammock

A dog lift harness is the best for oversized large breed dogs. Also, if you find it difficult to carry your older canine or dogs that suffer from health conditions, you will find this harness a blessing. It helps you handle your ill or aggressive dog at peace. Also, it allows you to do the cleaning chore smoothly. You can carry or hold it with a harness and trim the nails without any back fight. It also reduces the burden of vet visits every other day.


  • Best for dogs with arthritis
  • Supportive aid for accidental surgeries
  • XX-large size for giant dogs


  • Not suitable for dogs having joint problems
  • Not good for injured dogs

If you compare Guzerik with this dog lift harness, its installation method and design are different. For Guzerik, you have to install the dog from its front and rear legs, whereas a dog lift harness provides full-body support. It is easier for a dog to get on this harness. Thus making this grooming tool the best choice for senior dogs as well.


4. PET NANNY Dog Grooming Hammock | Best Strength Hammock

PET NANNY Dog Grooming Hammock

The Pet Nanny dog grooming hammock harness is suitable for large dogs which are 6.5 to 14.2 inches long. So we tested this hammock for bullmastiff and St. Bernard, and cutting their nails was never this easy. You will experience a smooth and comfortable grooming session with this hammock. Its dual-fabric layer makes it soft from the inside. In contrast, the outer mesh layer regulates the optimal airflow.


  • Best for dogs up to 32 lbs.
  • Highly maneuver
  • User-friendly


  • Not suitable for all dogs

Unlike other high-end hammocks, it is not suitable for small dogs. But it indeed serves the purpose for large ones. In addition, you will get S-shaped hooks to hang the harness. You can easily set it up on any solid steel rod. It also comes with a clipper and file. So it is an all-in-one deal for grooming your dog in no time. That is why we highly recommend this hammock to large dog owners.


5.  Meideli Dog Hammock  | Best Comfortable Hammock

 Meideli Dog Hammock | Best Comfortable Hammock

Meideli is best-known for its comfortable fabric yet sturdy grip to hold the dog right in the place. It is one of the best slings that carries large dogs perfectly with a snug fit. However, it’s available in 3 different sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large. But we suggest you go for a large size even if you have a smaller dog. Its smooth fabric construction will accommodate all the dogs. Thus we recommend it for every canine, from small Maltipoo to full-grown Dachshund.


  • Durable and soft
  • Sturdy and maneuver
  • Best for medium to large dogs


  • Not recommended for overweight dogs.

Compared with ATESON Pet Grooming Hammock, Meideli will give you a more comfortable fabric sling at a considerably low price. However, it’s not a double-layered hammock, so its durability is slightly questionable. It requires less storage space, thus making it more handy and reliable for dog owners. That is why it’s a must-have sling for easy trimming sessions for dogs.



  • How Is A Dog Grooming Hammock Useful?

Dog harness makes routine grooming chores easy such as nail trimming, bathing, and hair trimming. You can even deal with the large zealous dogs like huskies with these slings quickly. Also, it lessens the regular vet visits for dog maintenance. Thus, ensure hassle-free grooming without costing you an arm and a leg.

  • Is a dog grooming harness safe?

If used for shorter periods, dog grooming harnesses are safe (5-7 minutes). The constant hanging position can strain its tummy, leading to chronic illness. So, get the right size for your dog so that your dog does not feel suffocated to avoid any severe loss. 


The dog harness has become one of the grooming essentials for dog owners. That is why manufacturers are doing their best to make it more user-friendly. We find ATESON Pet Grooming Hammock and Guzekier Pet Dog Grooming Hammock as the best picks for large dogs. These hammocks serve best in terms of durability, price, and performance.

Do you find a dog grooming sling for nail trimming helpful? Share your thoughts!

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