best dog diapers for heat

We Tested The 5 Best Dog Diapers For Heat

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Are you too late to spay your female canine? Is she already on her heat cycle?

Do you need the best washable dog diapers female pooch can use in their heat cycle?

So, if you want to avoid accidents of blood spots in your house. You need the best dog diapers for heat that legitimately prevents the leakage and awkward messes around your furniture. For this purpose, you need a reliable and high-quality diaper that comforts your female canine during its heat cycle. 

But finding such a diaper can be challenging, especially if you are searching for it for the first time. That is why we have come up with the best of our knowledge and experience to give you the best options available. Also, we have added a few important points that you should consider before buying a diaper for your pup.

Buying Guide:

We share the exact guide we follow while buying the diaper for our furball. After many hits and trials, we have come up with these points you need to look upon to get the right diaper to avoid accidents. These factors are;

  • Type Of Diaper | Reusable Or Disposable

You can choose either disposable or reusable diapers, depending on your personal choice. Reusable diapers are likeable because of their soft fabric, whereas disposable diapers give ultimate protection against accidents but only one-time deals. So, we suggest going for reusable diapers for long-term use.

  • Appropriate Size Measurement | Tail Hole Adjustment

Most diapers may leak because of inappropriate size selection. We suggest you take careful measurement of your dog’s waist and then match it with the size chart given by the manufacturers. 

Tip: Choose the diapers having velcros for flexible adjustments.

  • Selecting The Right Material | Fabric Or Absorption Ability

The absorption capability of a diaper depends on the material used in it. So, we suggest you go for fabric material such as linen, cotton or nylon for absolute absorption and ultimate breathability. 

Best Dog Diapers For Heat – Our 5 Top Picks For You

After testing about 15+ diapers brands and going through customer reviews from different forums, we have enlisted these 5 best diapers. We have found these diapers best in various aspects. Read to know why these diapers stand out among all. 

1. Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Dog Diapers | Best Comfortable Diaper

Best Dog Diapers For Heat

Vet’s comfort fit diaper is one of the top-notch brands that offer high-quality diapers for your canine. It has a wide range of diaper sizes to compensate for all breeds of every age canine. We used it for our large-breed huskies, and we are in awe of this diaper brand.

So, do you know why this disposable diaper is best for female dogs?

Let us tell you; that it’s highly absorbent and will prevent blood or urine leakage while your canine roams around. Especially when your furball is on heat, it is already overwhelmed with so many body changes. So, it needs a comfortable and leakproof diaper that will save it and you from awkward accidents.


  • Best for bladder cancer canines
  • Good for excited urine problems
  • Breathable fabric soothes the heated canine


  • Inappropriate tail hole
  • Incorrect size leads to urine leakage

Although it is hard to find the right diaper size for your female dog, its repositionable fasteners will compensate for the slightly miss-fit diapers. So, go for one size larger to avoid any inconvenience. However, these Vet’s comfort ones are disposable diapers or single-use only. But if you are on a budget, you can also opt for Teamoy reusable diapers.

If you are solely looking at the dog’s diaper for heat, this simple solution disposable diapers are your go-to pick. It comes with the wetness indicator and robust yet smoothest fasteners for the perfect fit. These diapers are also available in sizes ranging from extra small to XXL. However, we suggest selecting the size according to your canine’s waist measurement.

So, why should you consider these diapers as your priority?

Well, after testing it with stubborn breeds such as Belgian Malinois and huskies, we can say that has it tremendous differentiating features that make it stand out. Its super-efficient core and leakproof barrier ensure the mess-free surrounding while keeping your female dogs comfortable. That is why your little friend will feel no burden on her and gets used to it in no time.


  • Highly-adjustable fit sizes
  • Easy-to-use
  • Budget-friendly


  • Smaller tail hole
  • Not suitable for excessive urine control

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We compare the Vet’s comfort-it diaper with this simple solution diaper, although both are super-absorbent diapers with adjustable fits. In that case, we find this simple solution diaper only good for preventing heat-based accidents, especially for large breed dogs. But it might work well for small breed dogs to control urine.

The washable diapers are most likeable by pet parents because of their durable and comfortable use. We have enlisted this teamoy reusable diapers known as the best washable dog diapers females can use in their heating cycles. These diapers are also useful for male and female dogs having urine incontinence.

But do you know how this diaper is so competent in preventing leakage?

Its 4-layers protective technology makes it super-absorbent and highly functional for female canines having heavy flow during their cycles. Also, these diapers come with additional removable pads that absorb the blood or urine to prohibit leakage. It’s easy to adjust because the elastic band from the waist buckles up with magic tapes. This feature ensures comfortable yet strong fastening with the help of 4 snaps.


  • Easy-to-wash
  • Comfortable yet firm grip
  • 4 different vibrant colours are available


  • Inappropriate sizing chart
  • It does not stay in place for toddlers

To sum up, these diapers have a high absorbing capability. We also use these diapers for our Labrador for overnight use. But finding the right size is a real struggle. Its soaking ability and extra pads for longer use are commendable. You can also use these pads with disposable diapers for the extra-protection. All-in-all it’s a good deal for long-term use.

best washable dog diapers female

Paw inspired disposable diapers are known for their unique drying technology and extraordinary absorbing capability. We use these diapers for our large female dogs because of their efficient performance, especially for dogs in their heat cycles. Its leakproof and breathable manufacturing material assures your furball’s comfortable yet clean heat cycle.

So, how does its drying technology works to prevent leakage?

It’sIt’s quite simple. Its drying technology converts blood or urine into a gel that ultimately seals the liquid and prevents leakage. However, these diapers also claim to be poop-proof. But we used it for Yorkie and German shepherd and did not find it effective for poop. It leaks out of the tail hole, and you don’t want that mess.  


  • Repositionable fasteners
  • Best for heavy flow
  • Pocket-friendly pick


  • Not good for long dogs
  • Not suitable for short tail dogs

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Although these paws-inspired diapers are available in a wide range, they offer a maximum XL size. So, if you have a giant dog, you can go for simple solutions disposable diapers for XXL size. However, paws-inspired advanced drying technology and leakproof edges make it the best yet most comfortable choice for your canine going through its heat cycles.

5. Pet Magasin Luxury Dog Diapers | Best Reusable Diapers

best diapers for animals in heat

If you are on a budget-shopping but want a durable diaper that is reusable and comfortable. Then this Pet Magasin is a suitable choice for you. These luxury design diapers are made up of Polyester PUL to keep your female dog relaxed and your house clean from accidents. These diapers are available in a wide size range and are highly flexible in adjustments. Even you can use this diaper for the newborn canine or extra small dogs.

Do you know the secret behind its flexible accommodation for different size dogs?

Its strong Velcros play a pivotal role in the firm fitting of the diaper. It will adjust the diaper’s measurement, staying up in the place on your canine’s body. Some female canines might become aggressive due to these hormonal changes. But Pet Magasin diapers soothe and calm your doggie with their soft texture. Also, the diapers have a waterproof outer layer that effectively saves your furniture from accidents.


  • Machine washable
  • Good for daily use
  • Multilayer inner for high absorption


  • Not good for poop

We tested this diaper on stubborn dogs such as Papillon and zealous dogs like German shepherds. From little poodle to large husky, it works for all. You have to choose the size from its given chart vigilantly; then, you are good to go. We hardly find any problem using this diaper. So it’s a must-have diaper for your female canine during its crucial time.

Do You Prefer Reusable Diapers Or Disposable Diapers For Your Female Canine?

Although, these diapers are multi-purpose and can be used for dogs having UTIs and other urine-related problems. But when you are specifically looking at the diapers for heat cycles, we prefer you to look for three qualities. I.e. fabric quality, breathability and adjustment flexibility. We find simple solution diapers best in this regard.

Let us know your best diaper pick for your female canine during the heat cycle 

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