best small dog wheelchair for back legs

Best Small Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs | 3 Veterinarian Approved Picks-2022

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Small breed dogs are prone to joint problems. Especially the older they get, the more chances they have to develop different bone problems. Hibernated disc, arthritis, and many other diseases can restrict your dog’s walking stamina, or sometimes they become paralysed.

To save your dog’s mobility and keep them active, we have come up with the 3 top picks that are high quality and an absolute treat for paralysed dogs or having hind legs problems. Choose your best small dog wheelchair for back legs from this exclusive buying guide.

Buying Guide:

Choosing the right wheelchair can be an overwhelming experience especially for new shoppers. We want you to go through this precise buying guide to get the perfect supportive aid for your little buddy.

  • What to look for before buying a small dog wheelchair for back legs?

Keep in mind the following tips to get the right wheelchair for your dog.

  1. Always measure your dog before ordering the wheelchair.
  2. Look for the aluminum tubing setup because it is durable and strong.
  3. Check the length of the harness before placing the order.
  4. As these are highly adjustable, we suggest you go for 1-2 inch wide wheelchairs to get the near right fit.
  • How to make a small dog wheelchair?

Firstly, attach the front harness by putting the strap on the top. Place the carriage bolt through a hole in the harness and the hole in the extender. Now place the washer on, then replace the thumbscrews on and tighten on both sides. Unplug the screw bolts and washer to make certain adjustments to adjust the width. Reposition, then reassemble all. 

For length adjustment, lose the knobs to extend or shorten it according to your dog. Adjust and tighten it well. Now adjust the height following the same direction but in a vertical manner. Place the single ring clamp in front of the knuckle while the double clamps behind the knuckles. Insert the leg rings on each side into the clamps and press them down to settle them. If your dog is fully paralysed, attach the stirrups.

  • Can you use this small dog wheelchair for the front legs?

Yes. You can use these rear legs supporting the wheelchair for front legs as well. Not all wheelchairs offer this feature, but some portable wheelchairs such as Walkin Wheels allow you to use them for four legs from rear legs. 

1. Walkin’ Wheels Lightweight – Best Flexible Wheel Chair for Small Dogs 

Walkin' Wheels Lightweight

Walk-in wheels is a well-known name because of offering a wide range of wheelchairs for all sizes and breeds of dogs. You will find it as a high-quality walking machine that is not only durable but also easy to set up and allows a large flexible range that fits according to your dog’s body fitting. We have chosen this Walkin wheel, one of the best picks for your small dog wheelchair for back legs. 

Starting with its lightweight and premium quality that will carry the burden of your cute little munchkin in the best way possible. This wheelchair has accommodation for dogs ranging from 11-14 lbs. You can use it for toy poodles, Chihuahuas, and pugs. Depending upon your dog’s overall health and body size, you can adjust it for your dog. It ensures the easy regain of your dog’s active and fast lifestyle.


  • Engineered for safety
  • Provides full collar
  • Sturdy and adjustable
  • Robust harness to carry dog’s weight
  • Availability of different wheel’s size


  • Expensive
  • It has little play.

Takedown: You can use set screws in the holes given at the back of the cart strap. It will prevent play and give a firm grip over the canine.

Despite its high price, this 9 feet 11-inch long wheelchair is best for small dogs because it is easy to control and balance. It might take some time for your small dog to get along with it. But you can help your little partner with professional help or by training it yourself. You will never regret buying this product because of its quality, durability, and portability.


If you are a dog suffering from severe hind leg issues, this sylphid wheelchair will be the ultimate choice that you will never regret. It works best for small dog breed such as Pekingese, beagles, and corgis. Most users have found it very hard for dogs suffering from herniated disc problems. Its aluminum frame helps keep the spine straight, which plays a key role in providing physical assistance to these small fluffy friends.

Like other wheelchairs, it is easy to set up but takes a while to get used to it. You can install it very quickly for your small friend. We suggest you set it so that loops of the straps do not bother the dog. However, the dog again has a little confidence using this wheelchair and will start to walk around everywhere. You will find a vast portability option and adjust it according to your requirement. It accommodates the dog having a length of 8 to 14 inches while carrying a weight of 8-22 lbs. 


  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Aircraft aluminum tubing frame
  • Best for paralysed dogs
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Good quality for the price


  • Fewer straps
  • Long harness

Takedown: You can experience a slight difference (1-3 inches). So we suggest you measure feet at its widest part to get accurate results.

Sylphid wheelchairs are all about comfort and a smooth mobility experience. Although this wheelchair is also a little pricey, its quality and portability justify the price. To ensure a delightful experience, you should get the right reading to use this tremendous, supportive machine for your dog.

Our last product for the best small dog wheelchair for back legs is this K-9 cart. This wheelchair is the epitome of beauty, quality, and assistance. K-9 cart is the best company that offers a light and durable wheelchair with a wide range of customisation to make it according to individual’s needs and preferences. This unique service gives them a great edge to stand out significantly. That’s why it is mostly the preferable choice of a pet’s owner.

The length and width are customisable, but some common high-end manufacturing features are the same in all products. This polished air-crafted aluminum wheelchair is robust and sturdy to carry the weight of small heavy dogs. The standard wheelchair can take up the small dog weighing 10-20 lbs. You can custom order your cart for the one with different weights and sizes.


  • Ensures smooth mobility
  • Extends average life period of dog
  • Confirms more outdoor visits
  • Excellent customer service
  • Improves quality of life


  • Costly

Takedown: This cart is designed so that it lets your dogs wiggle the tail very easily. Moreover, your dog can do the business without spilling the harness very much. Even if it gets dirty, the cell foam is easy to clean.

In short, except for its high cost, we cannot find any other downside of this cart. It makes it an outstanding pick for dog owners to have for their fluffy partners. The supreme quality, premium feature, and easy to install features make it the best choice for dogs having problems with hind legs.

What Do You Think About Small Dog Wheelchairs For Back Legs?

Most pet owners hesitate to use it because of several reasons. Some owners think that it might hurt the dog; others are scared to use thinking about its installation process. We have mentioned it’s working and the best small dog wheelchair for back legs to give you a clear image.

K9-cart is our winning product in this regard because of its tremendous irresistible features. Let us know how these wheelchairs helped your dog?

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