Talk to the Paw Dog Treat Pouch

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Price: $39.95
(as of Jan 13,2022 02:29:44 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Crossbody Sling bag, black color, holds personal items and dog treatsCrossbody Sling bag, black color, holds personal items and dog treats

Dogs Just Want To Have Fun

A sling style bag that fits comfortably across your body makes a day with your puppy or dog easier and fun!

Built in Poo dispenser holds up to 2 rolls.

Side pocket holds a large standard water bottle. Add a collapsible water bowl to one of the D-Rings for your pup. (Poo Bags, Water bottle and bowl are not included).

Large Zippered Pocket To Hold Dog TreatsLarge Zippered Pocket To Hold Dog Treats

Extra Large Pocket to Hold Dog Treats, No Spill Design

Well behaved dogs deserve to be rewarded. Many love treats or to be played with. Either way a busy dog gets hungry. Make sure to fill the middle pocket with treats; easily holds up to 2 cups of treats.

Out exercising, enjoying the fresh air with your pooch. The pouch is lightweight and not cumbersome allowing free movement to carry your essentials.

Pouch is waterproof

Spending Time With Your Dog At Dog Parks, Training Courses or WalksSpending Time With Your Dog At Dog Parks, Training Courses or Walks

Training – Dog Parks – Dog Walks – An Adventure Out

Dog enthusiasts, there is no need to have multiple devices that are cumbersome or difficult to maneuver with. Talk to the Paw dog pouch makes your life easy and doggie’s life fun!

Built In Poo Bag DispenserBuilt In Poo Bag Dispenser

Poo Bag Dispenser

Built in and easily pull out one bag at a time. No tying to leash or using the poo bag capsules that randomly fall off leash or open up unexpectedly.

Holds up to 2 rolls (poo bags are not included)

Be a responsible dog owner and do leave behind poo! It gets into the waterways and causes unnecessary bacteria growth.

Not to mention it but stepping in it is pretty bad too!

Customize your fit wear over chest or over backCustomize your fit wear over chest or over back

Customizable, Comfortable and Lightweight

This may be small in size but it can hold all your essentials without weighing you down. Padded shoulder strap can switch to the left or right side of bag by attaching the clip to the side D-Ring located on either side of the base of bag making it reversible.

Wear the bag over your chest or across back. Breathable material to help keep you cooler during workouts.

Jogging or walking hands free- Adjust waist belt to fit your waist then slide reflective belt through loops in back of bag. If you have a larger dog it is advised to attach leash to both rings on belt. Up to 2 Smaller dogs can be attached to each of the rings located on the belt. Please Note: Do not attach dogs to D-Rings on pouch! Belt Adjusts from 24 ” up to 43″.

Doggone Dirty

Easy care hand wash in mild soap and line dryEasy care hand wash in mild soap and line dry

Easy Clean Durable

When the need arises and the pouch needs a good bath; No Worries!

Make sure to empty all contents of pouch. Hand Wash pouch in a bucket or tub of cold water and mild soap. Swish bag and touch up soiled spots. Let soak for a few minutes then rinse. Hang to dry.

Love is a Four Legged Word

Love is a Four Legged WordLove is a Four Legged Word

Wet Kisses Fur Covered Clothes

Spending time with your dog bring such joy to the heart and soul. Their lives are short but they touch a place that is furever. Blessed are the people who are touched by their pets.

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