10 Valuable tips for hiking with dogs

10 Valuable Tips for Hiking with Dogs That Everyone Should Know

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 What you think of tips for hiking with dogs. Vital or optional?

Dogs can be a fun partner on a hike.. But are all dogs good hiking partners?

Well, the fun-loving nature of hounds makes them the best travel buddies. But, especially if it’s a hike, they can ruin your trip if they are not adequately cared for. So, we have penned down some valuable tips for hiking with dogs for you.

We have also added some queries that will help you to decide that your dog is ready for hiking or not? Also, how can you manage your trip efficiently, even if it’s your first one?

Have a look!



There are few considerations that you need to follow before going for a hike with your dear friend.

  • Is your dog physically stable?
  • Do you think your dog is well-trained for hiking?
  • Are you done with the essential vaccination of your dog?
  • Am I following all the tips for hiking with dogs?

Once you are sure about these concerns, then you can take your dog hiking. But we also suggest you make sure your problems with the vet as well. Give a proper visit to the vet. Once they approve your dog, then plan your adventurous journey with your little puppy.



We can say that your dog needs some special behavioral training that will help you on this journey. 

But the question is why?

It is because you can command your dog and control it on dangerous paths. You can also save your dog from hazardous accidents. Also, it is better for the behavioral training of your dog.

Now the question arises, how can we do it?

You can always train your dog from an early age if you have a zealous dog and are most easy to handle. You can always go for professional trainers that help your dog to behave in a better way.

The key is to repeat these steps. Command, treat, and positive reinforcement. These are the best tips for hiking with dogs that no one tells. Of course, you can always use these tips for any training purposes for your dog. But consistency is the secret tip that will help you out.



Make sure that your canine is fully healthy and trained to go out hiking with you, always complete preparation to avoid any mess, and make your unforgettable trip in the best way possible.

To do so, we have gathered up some of the essential tips for hiking with dogs so that you can enjoy each moment with your dog. Here is some of the valuable information for you.


Tip#1: check your canine health condition

#1. Check Your Canine Health Condition:

Before you take your dog on a hike, make sure to check on the health condition of your fluffy friend. It also depends on the type of dog that you have. Like large breeds, dogs can hike long paths easily. In comparison, small dogs cannot go along with you that long.

Another factor that you should consider is your dog’s current health condition. Irrespective of the dog’s age and breed, it is crucial to ensure that your dog is mentally and physically fit to avoid any mishaps or accidents.

Always start to train your dog with long walks to hike easily and is ready before the long trials.

Takedown: In the case of puppies, the vet suggests that you take your little friend out at least after five months. So that your canine gets its first shot of vaccines, it can combat rabies and other pathogens easily.

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tip no. 2

#2. Track Down The Safe Place For Hiking:

Once you are sure that your dog is trained and healthy for hiking, search for a safe place for hiking, especially if it’s your first hiking experience with your canine. Figure out the nearest possible location and choose the area while considering your dog’s stamina.

Now that you are sure which place you want to take your dog hiking. Use Google maps to track down the way. It is better to avoid any fuss that can spoil the excitement of your trip. We suggest you go to the National parks. 

They are safe and also don’t forget to follow the rules of it. 



Tip no. 3: Prepare for the weather conditions

#3. Prepare For The Weather Conditions:

If you are going for a hike, then you must need some extra things for your dog. You will get the idea from reading the reviews and comments. You can also check the expected weather from Google to ensure the necessities.

If you are going to hike in the summers, you might need sunscreen or bug repellant sprays for your dog. In winter, if it is too snowy, you can have some extra coats for your dog. However, a dog with a weak immune system or elder dogs might cam bear extreme weather conditions. So choose wisely.

tip for hiking

#4. Carry-All The Necessary Goods For Dogs:

It is probably one of the most essential and helpful tips for hiking with dogs because it carries all the things you will need while walking with your dear fluffy friend.

Here is a checklist that you should follow before going hiking.

  • You should have the Healthiest Dog Food with minimum ingredients.
  • Small high-nutritious treats.
  • Portable bowl for food as well.
  • Plenty of water along with portable bottles is essential.
  • Poop bags.
  • First-aid Kit including painkillers, insect-repellant sprays for dogs, sunscreen, bandages and gauzes, ointment and soothing lotions,
  • Carry Favorite toy or blanket for extended stays.
  • Whistle to call your dog if strayed.
  • Torch or glow sticks help at night stays.
  • Dog booties, in case of rough rocky tracks.


tip for hiking: share burden with your dogs

#5. Share Burden with Your Dog:

After seeing the list, you must be thinking it’s a lot to carry for you. Right?

But all of these things are essential, and you cannot miss even one of them.

So what will you do?

There is nothing to worry about. You can choose the best dog hiking backpack for your canine. Choose the pack wisely. Otherwise, it will not fit your dog, and you will not be able to go for a hike with such a burden.

Also, make sure that the harness of the backpack is airy enough to avoid chafing. It can hurt your canine, especially on long tracks.

tip for hiking: beware of wildlife

#6. Beware Of Wildlife:

We highly suggest you study a little bit before you go hiking. Significantly, in forests or any natural habitat. Because the lean and airy environment can be pleasing, but the beautiful plants can be poisonous.

So you should know what to avoid and how to deal with it. If your canine gets interaction with any hazardous substance, you should be able to give first-aid at once to prevent any loss.

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acknowledge yourself about possible dangers

#7. Acknowledge Yourself About Possible Dangers:

To elaborate, the dangers your dog can encounter while hiking is as follows:

  • Waterborne: Lake Water or natural water can have some organisms like blue-green algae, fungi that can infect your canine.
  • Airborne: Some animal’s urine can spread airborne infectious agents and parasites. 
  • Wild animals: some wild animals like birds, rabbits, and deer can harm your dog.
  • Wild plants: Sniffing or close interaction with plants like foxtail can be poisonous.
  • Another tourist: Other people doing cycling or with their dogs can also harm your dog.

All of these accidents require immediate treatment to avoid heavy loss. Even if you are not aware of any of the interactions, keep a good check on your dog’s behavior. If you notice any change, immediately ask for help.


follow all leash rules

#8: Follow All Leash Rules:

Well, if you are new to dogs, then you need to read this very carefully. A leash can be life-saving for your dog. However, sometimes, especially for new pet owners, their dogs are not obeying their commands. 

Even if they follow 50% of your command, it is still not a good option for you to take your little puppy hiking. It would help if you reinforced positive controls to your dog repeatedly. 

Train your dog before you take it for a hike. At least train basic six commands, i.e., sit, stay, stop, leave it, down and come. These are basic commands that your dog should listen to when you say them.

Also, carry a leash of a minimum of six feet long to avoid any tangling while hiking. It will help you to take control of your canine. You can also prevent it from straying. 


discard the poop

#9. Discard The Poop Properly:

It is one of the essential tips for hiking with dogs for you all. Never leave your dog waste on the way. It can damage the natural environment by producing foul smells and cause certain diseases.

Always carry poop bags or disposable bags to discard your dog’s business. If you are going for a sty trip or more extended trip, take a small shovel with you. Dig deep down and then bury it away from the living habitat.


check for ticks

#10. Check for Ticks:

When you are back from hiking, make sure to scrutinize your dog. Most of the time, dogs can get ticks and fleas from the wild environment. So it is not only dangerous for your canine but you as well.

We would suggest you consciously check for it while hiking as well. Expel out immediately with the help of tweezers cautiously. If you did not spot it at that time, make sure to check it once you reach home. 

Takedown: immediately use sprays for ticks. If it is not under control, then ask for professional help quickly.



You can be a little cautious to avoid any mishap. It is always better to prevent such situations than to deal with them. Right!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Do not let your dog stay to avoid any undesirable interaction.
  • Never force your dog to overdo it because it can cost your dog’s health.
  • Make sure you have appropriate dog hiking gear and backpacks (check this article for best hiking backpacks on Amazon)
  • Always check for the expiry dates of medicines, food, and other essentials.
  • If you are a beginner, it is better to go with some experienced person for a hike.



Hiking with dogs can be adventurous or a complete mess. So it is you who decide what you want it to be?

How do you want it to be?

We have done our part and shared some best tips for hiking with dogs. These tips are the personally experienced tips that helped us to have a wonderful trip.

We hope that you will like this post and share your experience of hiking with your little puppy.

If you find this helpful juicy, then share it with your friends as well.

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