Best deshedding tools for cats

The 7 Best Deshedding Tools for Cats | Best Options in 2021

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Why is having the best deshedding tools for cats so important?


Having a cat is a cute blessing. But, the mess of its fur ball on your furniture might become problematic. Right? Especially if you have a long-hair cat like us. We have struggled a lot finding the best deMatting tool for cats. 


But do you know that choosing a cat grooming brush depends on the type of cat you have, the length and thickness of the coats, and lastly, the kind of furminator or grooming tool you prefer?


So, considering all these factors, we have narrowed down the 7 best deshedding tools for cats so that you can choose what suits you the best.


1. Burt’s Bees for Pets Cat Brushes– Best for All


Our first pick is this Burt’s Bees brush as the best de shedding tool for cats. The brush consists of bristles on one side and pins on the other side. This double-sides cat grooming brush is one of the best picks for all cats.


Burt's Bees best deshedding tool


Most cats like it because of its soft bristles. Your cat will enjoy it and ask for brushing. It will work better than a furminator and detangles the hair more smoothly. The bamboo brush will improve the coat’s texture, make hair shiny, and soothe your cat.


Our Suggestion:  


We tried this product and found out the best one so far. This brush expels out all the detangled hair and fur in the easiest way.


Also, we prefer manual cleaning and liked the easy handling. It is one of the most enjoyable grooming tools for cats.



  • Simple and handy
  • Cost-effective
  • Sturdy 



  • The teeth lengths of both sides are different



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2. MIU COLOR Pet De shedding Tool– Best for Multi-Pet Owners


If you are looking for a tool that helps you deal with the flowing hair all over your house. Then, it is one of the best dematting tools for cats you can haveIt allows you to remove all the lint and tangles from the inner coat.


MIU COLOR Pet Deshedding Toolbest deshedding tools


You can easily adjust your grip because of the non-slippery handle. It is best for short, medium, and long-hair cats. If you have more than one pet, either cats or dogs, it works best. The uniformity of tooth size enhances the blood circulation, thus improving the overall texture of the coat.


Our Suggestion:


If you are a multiple-pet owner, then it is a dream tool for you. For example, one team member uses it for Burmese cats, and it works as the best cat brush for short hair and, ideally, takes out unwanted hair.


Well, avoid using it on loop surfaces because it can damage the area by pulling the loops. On the other hand, the straightforward removal makes it very soothing for cats. It is a must-try product for all cat owners.


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  • Easy to use
  • Good grip flexibility 
  • Best dematting tool for cats and dogs



  • A cleaning tool is a bit of a struggle.

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3. SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool- Best Multi-Purpose Tool


If you are new to pets, then it is one of the best deshedding tools for cats. It is because of its easy cleaning and handling. There is no fuss about cleaning the tool afterward. Also, this grooming tool helps to reduce shedding.3. SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool

Another great use of this tool is that you can even use it on your furniture and carpet making it one of the best deshedding tool for cats. The rip is straightforward and sturdy and captures the fur and ease of detangling. It is highly recommended for all but especially to those who are new to grooming tools.


Our suggestion:


We have found that this tool is effective for beginners. You can quickly start grooming your cat with this bit of piece. 


When you start deshedding your cat, please give it a treat. It helps you to impose positive reinforcement and helps to groom your cat. Also, be gentle while using the tool as it slowly removes the dander, dead hair and detangles the fur.



  • Very basic
  • Shed off the excess hair vigilantly
  • Available in different sizes 



  • Excessive use can cause hair thinning


4. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush- Best Cat Grooming Brush


Do you want to wipe out the dense matt clogs into the fluffier cat? It is undoubtedly for you. The Hertzko self-cleaning brush reduces the shedding and makes your house fur-free. It pulls out the matte perfectly. Thus, making it one of the best deshedding tools for cats.

 Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush- Best Cat desheddding tool

If you are well-known for slicker brushes, then you might have known that their blades pass through the top-coat then removes the dander and unwanted hair from the coat. It makes grooming easy for fluffier felines as well.


Our Suggestion:


A slicker brush is easy to clean, but it is not very easy to use. First, you have to press the button to pull the bristles out continuously. 


It can be a little tricky, especially when your cat is new to grooming tools. Otherwise, it does the job perfectly.



  • Robust and durable
  • Best for long-haired cats
  • Best cat brush for dandruff



  • Cleaning the brush is difficult


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5. Pet Craft Supply Self-Cleaning Deshedding Brush – Best for Long-Hair


If you are looking for a grooming tool at a reasonable price, then it is the best cat grooming brush you can ever have for your cat. It is the best alternative to furminator. It is also convenient and improves the texture.

Pet Craft Supply Self-Cleaning Deshedding Brush best deshedding tool for cats

Well, you know that grooming your cat is almost part of the daily routine for a pet owner. Of course, the cat may show different behavioral changes, but we found out that this self-cleaning deshedding brush does its job. 


Our Suggestion:


It is for all types of fur and all lengths. Because of its sharp blade, it is more suitable for furry cats having long hair. In addition, it eases the de-matting process.


But we have seen that it can harm your feline skin if it is too sensitive. So, try to be gentle and do not use this repeatedly on the same site.



  • Budget-friendly
  • Dematte and remove dead hair
  • Professional grooming results



  • No replacement blades


6. RUBOLD Dematting Tool – Best Home Grooming Tool


Our second last pick for the best deshedding tools for cats is this RUBOLD dematting tool. It works best for small to medium-length hair. The bristle’s design is that they reach the inner coat without damaging the skin.



 RUBOLD Dematting Tool – Best deshedding tool for cats



Also, the tool is fundamental and easy to use. The two-sided bristles enable to use it from both sides. It nourishes the skin by maintaining the flow of natural oils. If you are looking for a tool that works on sensitive skin, it is the best one.


Our Suggestion:


We have used it on three different cats and found out that they might not pull all the hairs in long-haired cats, i.e., Persian cats. However, the easy grip of the handle and good shedding makes it an excellent value-able pick.



  • Reduce shedding drastically
  • Best cat brush for short hair
  • The healthier and clean inner coat



  • Does not pull off all the hair 


7. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush– Best for Detangling


If you prefer a comb that can reduce the shedding significantly while maintaining the inner coat. Then this grooming brush is all you need. The 4mm long comb de-sheds the fur balls entangles in the feline.


 Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush- Best for Detangling

The stainless steel comb has a detachable head that grabs the dead hair and eases the cleaning from the comb. It also saves your furniture and household accessories. The brush will collect the fur and bring fine finishing to the coat.


Our Suggestion:


We have used this product on two felines and a puppy. It works out fantastically. The grip was so accurate that it allows you to glide the brush over your pet’s coat smoothly.


However, it did not give the best result when it comes to cleaning the tool. Therefore, I can become a problem, especially in the case of long-haired felines.



  • Gentle
  • Reduce shedding up to 95%
  • Easy to handle



  • It might not work for all breeds


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How Can You Find The Best Deshedding Tool For Cats?


Well, it mainly depends on the length of the hair and your personal preference to some extent. So, we have penned down our personal experience of different grooming tools for cats.


For Long-haired Cats | Best Dematting Tools 


Cats like Persian cats, Maine coon, and Rag doll have long furry hairs. It grows to its most entire length, and if not taken care of, several skin problems and coats tangling happens. In addition, the mats and tangles can cause roughness of the coat and shedding.


We think the grooming tools for detangling and de-matting helpful are dematting combs that reach the inner coat and improve circulation. If your feline is sensitive, then you can also go for grooming gloves.


For Short-Haired Cats | Best Cat Grooming Brush


Burmese, Cornish Rex, and Devon Rex cats having short hair only need a tool that needs to loosen up the hair and free the coats from any debris or dead skin. These tools are also helpful in removing dandruff and enhances the natural texture of the skin.


So, for this purpose, we suggest you choose dematting tools. Then, find the best cat brush for dandruff and free your furry friend from this condition. You can also go for the best cat brush for short hair. We suggest you follow the hit and try method once you find the best pick for your cat, then stick to it.




Grooming your cat can be a fun journey if it is appropriate. So, we have shared our best pick after many searches and use so that we can give you our honest one of each product.


If you find this list helpful, share it with your friends as well.


Let us know what your new best deshedding tools for cats are?


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