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Which Litter Box To Choose For Large Breed Dogs in 2023?

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Well-founded receptacles for effortless bathroom training!!

Have You Found The Best Litter Box For Large Breed Dogs Yet?

We know the struggle to wipe out the accidents calmly for the love of your dog. But we all want to escape from this unpleasant task one way or other. So we have come up with essential yet very handy items that keep your dog relieved and your house cleaned without taking your dog out.

After several hits and trials, we have come up with the 7 best litter boxes for large breed dogs. Also, we have explained the absolute guide from selecting to buying the best litter box for your canine.

Have a look!

How to Choose the Best Litter Box for Large Breed Dogs?

The selection mainly depends on the availability of space which means the area will provide your dog. Large dogs enjoy big comfortable, wide spaces. So, if you are living in an apartment or a well-accommodated house, try to choose an airy, well-spaced spot preferably close to the window. Try to choose the litter box that prevents spills and facilitates easy cleaning.

Takedown: We tried many litter boxes for our golden retriever and ended up with the turf padded litter box. It is because the underlying working tray helps to discard urine and makes the cleaning easy. Moreover, our dog’s real grass pad is lovable and defecates easily.

We always look for these points for buying a litter box to get the best litter box for large dogs.

  • Design: It’s the first thing that we notice when we buy anything, but it should be our last priority. Go for a product that offers quality and comfort for your dog’s easy training.
  • Quality: Durability is associated with a good quality product. So, please select the box that is using superior material so that it will last longer.
  • Size: Large dogs will not fit in a small narrow litter box, so find a litter box that offers a “cosmic space” for your dog.
  • Open or closed litter box: The closed litter box might work best for cats and small dogs, but large dogs would not go for a closed one. But it depends on your canine’s preference as well. So observe its interest and then shop accordingly.
  • Easy Clean-up: Well, cleaning is one of the nastiest things in this training process. Try to go for products that facilitate easy scooping and do the quick cleaning and make the unpleasant chore easy.

What is the Best Way to Train Your Dog for a Litter Box?

Potty training is the same as other in-house training. To train your large dog for using a litter box is not tricky at all. You have to follow the same instructions and be patient with the results. You can use the crate tray method for litter box training as well.

Takedown: You can also DIY the litter box for large dogs to train them on a budget.

We have a pen-down method or tricks that we used for our large dog’s training, which might work for your dog as well. 

  • Place the litter box where you want it to be, and then fix that area for your dog’s business.
  • Introduce your fluffy friend to the box and try to use cue or command words that show the action like go pee, go poop, etc.
  • Ensure that every person uses the same command and treats it well afterward.
  • Carefully treat your dog and avoid high-pitched cheering so that your dog does not get scared.
  • If your dog has done an accident somewhere else, don’t admonish it and redirect it to the litter box. 

Our Recommendations for Best Litter Box for Large Breed Dogs:

We have mentioned all the products that have been tested by our team or by us. All of these products are the best ones in the market. Here we have categorized the 7 best litter boxes for large breed dogs. 

Best Litter Box for Indoor\ Outdoor Loo Training

1. Pet Safe-Pet Portable Loo:

It is one of the best litter boxes for large breed dogs you will ever experience. This loo makes training very easy, either indoor or outdoor, and the dog feels comfortable and independent for defecation very quickly. The grass pad absorbs the urine while the rest is drained into a tray that clears the cleaning. If you regularly take care of the cleaning by disposing of tray content, it won’t give a bad odor.

Takedown: We have tried this product as well, and it was a good experience, though, but you can make this a super deal by using a litter pad beneath the grass pad will make cleaning a lot more easily. One of the users also suggested setting the zip-lock bag or plastic along the grass line will make the disposal more feasible.

Although this training tool is doing well but using the K9 grass makes it a whole deal as we analyzed that the grass pad offered by Pet Safe is not a good absorbent. But on the whole, it’s a worth buy. 

2. Puppy-Go-Here Dog Litter Pan:

Puppy go here provides a handy training tool. The dog litter pan is best for dogs, puppies even cats having any joints problem or suffering from any disability related to limbs. It is a heavy-duty litter pan that does not tip over no matter how much healthy your canine is; it will stay firm and sturdy. 

The side boundaries prevent the spillover and ensure the clean surrounding. The cleaning and washing are very easy, especially if you use pads in the litter pan.

Takedown: One of the users suggested that the “All-Absorb” brand 120 Count Training Pad, 17.5 by 23.5-Inch, is the perfect fit for this tray. We give it a try, and we cannot thank him enough for this blessing.

The only downside of this product is its price; otherwise, the durability, availability of different sizes, and ease of use make it our favorite go-to training tool. Must try it for your canine.

Best Litter Box for Travelling

3. Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Portable Litter Box:

Our third pick is this ‘Pet Fit- collapsible litter box, which is the best partner for your dog for traveling. The portability allows you to carry it anywhere with you. It is lovable by almost every pet, either cat, dog, or even the rabbits, because the nylon fabric used for its manufacturing makes the comfy and easy usability. 

The durable wide litter box is best for large breed puppies, but you have to train it properly as it is designed for cats. We have used it for our little golden retriever pup, and it does its job well. The cleaning is very easy, and you can wash it with simple water and detergent, and it’s ready for its next use.

It is best for travel use, so it might not work as a heavy-duty permanent home litter box. All in all, it’s a good pick for easy traveling with your fluffy friend. We highly recommend it.

Best Litter Box-Training Tool for Large Dogs

4. Silver Paw Potty Patch Dog Potty Training Tool:

It claims:’ The best pet turf training tool for puppies and large dogs. We tried this tool for training and observed that this tool is a must for adult dog owners with a very busy lifestyle. It is because the quick and easy clean-up and the non-pungent well absorbing synthetic grass make it a good deal. 

Some users suggest having a replacement turf proves to be very handy in an emergency or while washing the other pad. The real grass feels your canine very comfortable and makes it easy to train them in a shorter time.

Takedown: The drawer helps clean the pee, while you can also use a wee-wee pad to aid cleaning. 

The downside is that the pee does not drain properly through the grass, so it might become smelly if not taken care of, but with pee pads, it’s good enough to try.

Best Litter Box-Training Tool for Large breed Puppies

5. Home Dog Grass Pad with Tray Large, Puppy Turf Potty Training Pads:

Best Litter Box For Large Breed Dogs

Mostly large breed adult dogs might give a tough time for training because of their strong obstinate nature, but it’s easier to train their little ones. For his purpose, it is the best litter box for large breed dogs, especially for puppies. The easy cleaning process and the bionic wall that prevents the urine from spilling and guides the spot make the training uncomplicated. 

The hemmed grass mat that wraps the edges and binds forcefully with the grid reduces the shedding, and dog chewing is prohibited. This grass mat is the best one out in the market you can own for your little canine training.

It gives us the best output for training our little puppy, but it might not help all large breed dogs. But if it fits well for your dog, then it’s the best option you have ever had, so do give it a try, especially if you have more than one large breed puppy

6. HIPIPET Puppy Dog Potty Tray:

Another pick for the large breed puppy is this HIPIPET training tray, in case your fluffy little friend does not like the above one. The training tool comes with a wall, a detachable post, and a grid with tiny holes that collects the urine and prevent getting the nasty sticky paws of your fluffy friend.

The high-quality rubber prevents slipping it over on the floor and makes it sturdy. This training tray can be turned into a litter box using the pee training pads and then add some glitter over it. We tried this after one of the user’s advice, and it worked. But hide the pad cautiously under the litter; otherwise, your dog is smart enough to get the catch. 

This tray might not fit all large breed pups because of its small size, but it’s also the best litter box for d large breed dogs. We would highly recommend it.

7. Artificial Grass Puppy Pad for Dogs:

Pet Makers provides the best litter box for dogs as the artificial grass portable training pad offers a three-layer system that facilitates easy cleaning. Like all other grass padded training trays, you can also have a replacement grass mat that fits it exactly and use it for the long term. The durable waste tray carries the maximum.

It is one of the most used training tools for dogs. The use of attractant spray makes it a lot easier, and the dog once recognized the spot is comfortable enough to get used to it. The grass absorbs the pee very smoothly and does not smell if cleaned once a week.

The bottom tray is too shallow, and the pee may spill over if not aided by the training pads. The grass may shed also. Otherwise, it’s great on a budget training tool that you should try for your dogs as well.

Now after giving our best recommendation, most people think is it necessary to get a large dog litter box or not? 

So, there you go:

Are there any Benefits of Having a “Best Litter box for Large Breed Dogs”?

We prefer litter boxes that are meant for large breed dogs, and we can explain to you why we recommend these:

  • You can avoid accidents in your house.
  • You can use it for more than one dog if any.
  • The fuss of taking your dog out of the house to poop is brushed aside.
  • It gives your dog the privilege of wide space and comfort for defecation.
  • You can place litter boxes indoors or outside and enjoy the clean surrounding.


  • How to keep the litter box clean?

It is best to scoop out the litter box daily while it used to be washed weekly. You can wash it with soap and warm water along with a few drops of disinfectant to sanitize it as well. 

  • What is the best litter box for large breed dogs?

It varies from dog to dog and your personal preferences. Artificial Grass Puppy Pad for Dogs is our favorite pick because of its sleek design, easy cleaning, and indoor or outdoor feasible placement.

  • When should we change the litter box for our canine?

Once you have to find the right training tool for your dog, try not to change frequently and take good care of your dog’s litter box. It is because your dog will not get along with every litter box easily. So try to keep it in a good position to avoid any behavioral issues of your canine.

Which litter box are you using for your dog?

We have shared our experience and complete knowledge about the best litter box for large breed dogs with you. Let us know which one is your favorite and why?

Also, share the useful secret tip that helped you with your dog training.

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