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Dog Care Guide- An Indiscriminate Guide for All | 2023

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When nurtured with care, a dog will become your sincerest partner in no time. So, we have come up with the best dog care guide for you.

Care leaves an impression of undying gratitude and caring for a loyal partner like dogs.

What else is the best decision you can ever make in your life? 

Either you are a beginner or already have a dog. You will never regret reading this impeccable guide. We have mentioned all the points that are necessary for your dog’s well-being. We promise you this dog care guide will add so much value to your dog’s life.

Now, let’s get started.

Are You All Set to Take Care of Your Dog? 

As this post is for everyone, let’s start from scratch. If you are a beginner, then these are some guidelines that you should follow before you introduce your fluffy friend to its new home.

Well, we understand your excitement about being a first-time pet owner. But you need to take it slow and let your canine explore your home little by little so that it is not scared of you, and you should feel safe.

So, to prepare yourself more maturely, follow these instructions.

Set up Your Home   

If you have arranged a separate cozy corner for your canine, then it is good enough. But if you haven’t set it yet, make sure to provide a well-spaced and comfortable place. Primarily provide your dog with a soft bed.

Make sure that your dog has a comfortable and neat space. When you give a healthy environment, your hound will quickly get comfortable and used to it.

Dog with comfortable couch

Dog-Proof Your Household  

Before your dog steps in, make sure that you have wiped out all the things that your dog can ruin by chewing. Also, hide all things such as cable, wires, and stuff that can harm your dog. Try to remove harmful items that can grab your dog’s attention.

To avoid any accidents, carefully hide all the toxic substances such as poison or pesticides for safety purposes. Also, at the start, monitor your dog carefully not to eat human food as it can also affect its health. 

dog resting comfortably on couch

Make a Good Supply Check-List:

Make sure you have the mandatory items that you need for your dog’s care. It would be best to make a checklist containing all the essential goods you need for your dog.

You can add food, toys, litter boxes, cleaning stuff, and other such things that you think are essential for your dog. It will help you to manage your dog’s groceries in a better way.

dog care guide

Is Feeding a Dog a Conscious Decision to make? 

Suppose you are new to pets that you should know that feeding dogs following a proper regimen according to their body structure and demand is essential. You should consult a vet for an adequate meal chart of your canine.

Healthy Food and Water

Diet may vary according to breed and current health condition of your dog. So, don’t buy any dog food and start feeding your dog. It can harm your canine’s health. It is best to consult a vet about it.

After you know the healthiest dog food (read this article to know about the healthiest dog foods in 2021 according to our experts), then always feed fluffy ball tummy with accurate portions. It will avoid stomach and digestion issues like bloating and diarrhea. Also, some dogs are allergic to few food products, so make sure to check on that as well.

Most people overlook the importance of water for their dogs. But, like humans, they also should be hydrated. So, always give plenty of water to maintain the osmotic balance of your dog’s body.

Do Not Overfeed

No one wants an obese, lazy dog! Right? Obesity will not only make it less active but will affect its health drastically. Some dogs might grow so fast and go through many conditions, such as fat deposition can make bones weaker and lead to arthritis.

It is prevalent in large breeds and older dogs. So, make a diet chart to avoid any undesirable circumstances.

Do You Know How to Do Right Training? 

Training is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for herding dogs such as Husky and Labradors. They need some special training. So you can hire a professional trainer for them. But if you want to train your dog on your own, you can follow these steps.

Build a Friendly Relationship 

If you own a puppy, then it is easier to train them as compared to adult ones. Connect with your dog by making little effort. Make a strong bond by feeding his favorite food or playing the game he enjoys the most.

It will help you to train your dog smoothly. Your dog will listen to your command and will follow to do so. 

friendship with dogs

Exercise Regularly

Take your dog out for long walks. Keep your furry friend engaged and active and manage their zealous nature by providing them good physical activity. Otherwise, your dog can become aggressive. It will become difficult for you to handle their anger.

Also, please do not overdo it as well. If you have a small breed dog, then it might require less physical activity. So, always be careful about the playing time of your dog.

dog care guide

On-Purpose Playing

Chewing toys and balls are the dogs’ most favorite props. Use them wisely and use them for training your canine. Incorporate short commands such as stop, sit, stand, fetch, etc. this way, your dog will start following your orders.

Also, try to boost up their mental growth. Puzzles are the best toys for this purpose. You can play with them to sharpen their instincts. It will help investigate dogs as well.

Consistent Reinforcement

Well, you need to be very patient when it comes to training. It is a long road to go through with patient and consistent reinforcement for purposeful activity. You have to impose the commands, again and again, to make them understand.

Also, when they follow your command, please treat them with their favorite treats and pat them. The feeling of likeness and appreciation will make your dog more effortlessly win that warmth of love again and again.

This tip is constructive, especially in training your dog for a litter box. The dog might be scared or shy at first to use it. So, you will face some accidents as well. But you need to be patient and provide the best litter box that will ease the dog and train it with positive reinforcement.

Immediate Call for Bad Behavior 

Dogs are most likely to forget things easily, so they do something terrible like bark and become aggressive. So always immediately stop them and show them that you did not like the behavior.

Regular implementation will refrain your dog, and it will become more conscious about it.

Virtual Assistance is Important for Proper Pet Care 

If you can go to a specialist, you can also get help from the internet. It is complete with guides and training material according to your canine’s breed. In addition, you can read blogs, read e-books and watch videos on YouTube.

You can also take help from a virtual trainer if you are unable to find one near you. It will help you a lot, especially if you have a stubborn dog then you need a piece of professional advice. 

Have You Excelled the Dog Care Guide for Grooming?

If you are a new dog owner, you must know about the grooming of a dog. Like humans, dogs also require grooming and maintenance. It is not only about their looks, but it is for their better hygiene and good health.

Nail Trimming is Important

As a beginner, you might be scared to trim your canine nails. It is alright but tries to learn it and avoid the unnecessary expense of nail cutting. You can quickly learn it from virtual assistance. 

Also, never ignore or take this matter lightly. Dog’s paws are prone to get many infections and diseases. So if you will not maintain healthy feet, your hound might get infections from dirty nails.

Brushing Teeth Regularly is Necessary

Brushing your canine teeth should be a regime that you should not ignore at any cost. It is because your furry friend is prone to dental disease because of sensitive gums. If not taken seriously, this infection can cause severe illnesses such as cardiac diseases.

So, it is better to take care of your hound’s teeth for a healthy lifestyle. Also, it will save you to avoid expensive dental treatments and your dog from getting sick. 

Regular Check-up is Responsibility


A healthy dog means a happy dog. That is why a regular check-up from a vet is vital. It prevents your dog from getting any underlying disease that can cost you a significant loss. 

The most common infection that your dog might get is due to parasites. The ticks and fleas can leave your dog in a phase of constant trouble, and it might become aggressive as well. A vet can save your dog from infections that can lead to severe problems such as severe skin disease if not treated. 

How Can You Avoid the Red Alerts of Your Healthy Dog?

Prevention is better than treatment to ensure the safe and long life of your dog. First, you must take care of your dog’s health by following a proper dog care guide. Then, you can take these preventive measures to ensure your dog’s health.


Make sure to adopt a vaccinated puppy. If not, then go to the vet immediately then fulfill all the necessary measurements to avoid any harm to you and your dog. Make sure not to take your dog outside if it is not vaccinated.

The most common vaccine is for rabies which you will get initially. After that, always follow the vet’s instructions and get your dog vaccinated as per the requirement to avoid mishaps.

Dog Health Care Guide 

If your dog is sick, follow the prescribed treatment strictly, as little carelessness can cause significant issues. Also, if you have an older dog, then take special care of it as it will be prone to catch more diseases.

You can also use some O-T-C drugs and make a DIY first aid box for your canine. If your dog is on the same treatment, you can save the prescription by avoiding vet expenses. In case of emergencies like choking and vomiting, immediately take your dog to the hospital. 

Seasonal Care Modifications 

Like humans, dogs also need some special seasonal care. In winters, take good care of your dog and check your hound’s nose to see if it’s wet or not as dogs sweat through their nose. Also, a warm cozy bed is necessary for your dog to save it from getting cold.

Avoid cold water and ice. Try to limit outdoor visits and incorporate more indoor games so that your dog is active, happy, and safe.

In summers, maintain a good hydration level. Beware of getting skin allergies and infections as the dogs usually like to go in ponds and lakes that might contain certain organisms such as algae and fungi. 

Best Dog Guide Facts for Different Breeds

With every different breed of dog, you need another dog care guide for their sound health. So it would be best if you did good research before selecting your furry friend as some of the dogs are difficult to deal with, especially for beginners. 


Suppose you want to own a small puppy. First, make sure that these tiny creatures are sensitive and require a little special care. For example, they are very prone to get cold or heat. So extreme weather can give you a tough time. Also, some of them are hypersensitive, so you need to be very cautious about their products.

Puppies like Maltese require high mineral water. Likewise, other puppies have their specifications. So, it is advisable to follow your vet’s advice strictly.

dog care guide

Large Breed Dog Care 

German shepherds are very prone to joint diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Huskies’ zealous nature demands more exercise than usual dogs. Labradors are more prone to deposit fats. Chow Chow is very sensitive to parasite infections.

All of the above examples show that every large breed dog also requires their unique dog care guide to keep them healthy and protected. But, unfortunately, you cannot follow the same pattern of care for every dog.

dog care for large breed dogs

So, Are You Following the Right Dog Care Guide?

We have shared the best guide for dogs for you. It will help you to think and reconsider your decision on which dog suits you best. Also, make sure to follow your vet’s instructions properly. Then there is no way your dog will stop loving you.

Let us know your favorite breed and what special care does it demand?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my dog home alone?

Yes. You can leave your dog but make sure that there are some toys and enough food so that your dog will not suffer. Also, do not leave for more than 2-4 hrs. If you are working and unable to stay at home, you can always hire a third person or consider pet daycare.

How can I make my dog happy?

For some people, the dog is not only a pet but even much more than that. So all it takes to make them happy is your time and care. Loading them with plenty of toys and good food will make no difference at all. Instead, spend quality time and play with your dog. Take them for long walks, and you will have your happy furry friend.

Does a pregnant dog require special care?

Well, not mainly but you should provide your dog a big room and comfortable space. Then, it can handle it naturally. But take good care of your canine diet and health. Also, if you notice any symptoms such as vomiting or any other sign, immediately take it to the hospital.

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