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Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Review: The Best Ready-to-Use Citrus Pet’s Deodorizer

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through the embedded links on this post,Pets Rejoice will receive a small percent of the sale as the commission at no extra cost to you. Being an Amazon Associate, we only earn from qualifying purchases

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make purchase through the embedded links on this post, Pets Rejoice will receive a small percent of the sale as the commission at no extra cost to you. Being an Amazon Associate, we only earn from qualifying purchases.

Do you know why angry orange pet odor eliminator reviews are exceeding the limit of over 40,000 on amazon and at many other sites?

You might be thinking, “Is it powerful enough to remove stains and deodorize your house essentials?” 

Also, wondering is it worth the cost?

Well, we had some queries but to solve this mystery, we have tested this product to give a complete review on the angry orange pet odor eliminator.

Give it a look!

Why Should You Try It?

After testing the product, the magical impact that it has made on us is beyond our expectations. Now, angry orange pet odor eliminator can be reviewed as:

  • Handiness and Aroma: A charismatic pleasant-smelling blend

This compelling ready-to-use formula is very soothing and gives the environment a refreshing feel. Moreover, it contains orange oil which will not only offer aromatherapy but also helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Just one squirt, and you know an angry orange pet odor eliminator is near me.

  • Stain Removing Efficacy: An enzymatic-robust cleanser

It is a powerful stain remover that can remove the stains of your pet’s urine either a cat or a dog. You can also use it for stool marks left on by directly spraying over it. And it does its job.

Firstly, it carries terpineol that is a strong disinfectant and kills germs, and reduces microbial growth at the sites of stain. The composition also consists of dodecane which is also a cleansing agent. You can use the spray bottle easily anywhere to remove the stain either it is a wall, carpet, car seats, sofa, couches in your house. Everywhere your little fluffy friend shows their bad manners.


Both these cleansing agents perform their work well. But, there comes a downside to it that they can cause irritation to eyes or skin or may show some hazardous reactions if inhaled or swallowed accidentally. You can review the angry orange pet odor eliminator’s ingredients and their effects on Safety Date Sheet by

Lastly, after testing we have also observed that there is almost no stain left after it dries. We tested it under UV light just to assure the results and again, we were not disappointed with our findings.

  • Deodorization Capability: A catalytic perfume

As marketed by the company “Natural Scent – Powerful-Strength.”  Justifies its claim. The bottle contains the natural oil extracted from orange peels, giving it a very orangey citrus smell. It makes your life better, dealing with these nasty doings of your pet. It is a powerful cleansing pet odor eliminator especially for carpets

Is Angry Orange Safe For Pets?

Angry Orange is a company that offers industrial-grade products for odor elimination that can be used in various fields such as farms, herding areas, companies that deal with pets or their edible products, etc. It is useful for carpets, floors, litter boxes, kennels, and all pet living areas.

Also, it claims that they offer products that are made from the non-toxic biodegradable component so it is safe to use for pets. So, angry orange is safe for pets.

But, we suggest you do a patch test before using it broadly to avoid any harm.

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How to Use Angry Orange –For Hardwood Floors or Soft Cushions?

You can simply use it by shaking the bottle then spray or squirt it over the affected area where your pet has messed up. It is just that easy, no dilution required. You can simply just use the formula whenever an accident happens. You can also use toilet paper to dry it.

This is how you can use angry orange for hardwood floors and at the same time, it is also the best pet odor eliminator for carpets as well. This duo offers a fascinating smell and legitimate cleaning all at once.

What is Not so Good About This Gem?

It can cause some allergic reactions to you or your pet as there are no ingredients given on the product so it might be difficult to know. But, just to be safe you can ask the company for it or you can have a look at Safety Date Sheet
mentioned above.

Also, it might leave a stain on some surfaces. It usually depends on the fabric of your couch or sofa or anywhere you use it even it’s your car seat.

Takedown: Although it is not approved by Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), it is one of the most accustomed pet odor eliminators for carpets.

Angry Orange Cleaner-Where to Buy From?

You can have a big hefty bottle of 24 oz. at a reasonable price.
Check out the latest price here!!

As a little goes a long way, it lasts longer than you expect it to be. You can also check the latest price and reviews at the angry orange pet odor eliminator and buy it now. You can also get an angry orange pet odor eliminator near you at any pet retailer store.

Competitive Alternatives:

1. Simple Solution Pet Urine Destroyer:

Firstly, it offers 128 oz. with a refill, empowered by enzymatic activity. This product offers double pro-bacterial cleansing and is safe for pets as well. But while reviewing both, the angry orange pet odor eliminator has a more pleasant citrus fragrance, so we preferred using this bundle of joy.

2. BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner:

We tested this super cleanser as well. It offers 64 oz. with super cleansing properties. It is also CRI approved, so prefer a pet odor eliminator for carpets. It has a strong minty smell that can be bothersome for people, like us who are very sensitive to smell. So, our pick will be angry orange deodorizer.


It’s a definite win-win product for us.

Angry Orange store is giving the best product that is not only safe for pets but also providing additional benefits to the users. We have reviewed an angry orange pet odor eliminator that not only removes the stain with a pleasing scent but also acts as a repellant and keeps the pets refrain from using the same place.

Have you tried this product yet?

Also, can you find the angry orange pet odor eliminator near you?

If so, then let us know your experience regarding this product.

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