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5 Cat Behaviors to Worry about and How to Fix Them!! Complete Guide | 2023

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through the embedded links on this post,Pets Rejoice will receive a small percent of the sale as the commission at no extra cost to you. Being an Amazon Associate, we only earn from qualifying purchases


This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through the embedded links on this post, Pets Rejoice will receive a small percent of the sale as the commission at no extra cost to you. Being an Amazon Associate, we only earn from qualifying purchases.

Cats can hitch sometimes. But, there are certain cat behaviors to worry about. Your four-foot partner may show some bad behavior and you just don’t get it. Why?

Wondering how to discipline your cat?

Well, we have addressed the 5 most common cat behavioral issues to worry about and how to fix them.

Have a look!

1. Avoiding Litter Box- Nasty Behaviors of Cats:

Cats are very sensitive to their litter box. If they are not comfortable with providing one, cats may become very nasty, cat’s behavior changes, and leave their owners in big trouble.


These are the following cat’s behavior to worry about:

  • Doesn’t stay longer and jumps out quickly from the litter box.
  • Eliminates on a person’s bed or other areas of the house.
  • Change in the color of stool or urine.


  • Medical issues: If a cat is not physically fit, it will not adjust easily with the use of a litter box. It can occur due to urine-related problems such as urinary tract infections and kidney failure. It also happens due to syndromes like irritable bowel syndrome or constipation.
  • Improper setup of the litter box: If it is dirty, too small, or too high or placed on the wrong side all ends up the cat’s undesirable attitude.
  • Stress due to surrounding: Entry of a newcomer to house, unknown pets, unusual sounds, unfamiliar smells all such types of issues ends up to stress a cat.

Cute Cat
Photo From Unsplash

Thumb rule to fix it:

The best cat behavior guide to deal with this is:

Firstly, consult your vet to deal with medical issues. Once it’s sorted, then lookup for other issues. The most common cause of cats avoiding litter boxes is it’s not desirable by cats. Following things should be taken into notice while setting up a litter box:

  • The type and size of the box, where it is placed.
  • It should not be placed in congested areas.
  • The box should not have food or drink around it.
  • Try to use several boxes and place them at different places.
  • Litter box cleaning is important as cats use unscented ones.
  • Cleaning should be done after 14 days.

Furthermore, spaying cats is important. Also, provide them safe space and resting places. Try to understand the root cause then follow the guidelines accordingly.

Cute disciplined cat avoiding nasty behaviors
Photo From Unsplash

2. Scratching and Biting – Annoying Behaviors of Cats:

Scratching and biting seem playful to cats. But, it can be bothersome for their playing partners. Kittens are most likely to show these behaviors. Scratching is an in-built behavior of cats. It is a healthy activity for their claws.  Feline scratches your sofa, carpet, or furniture but they do it for fun, which is not.

Biting is also another cat’s bad behavior. Kittens mostly start to bite while playing and if you ignore it at an early stage, it may end up developing a seriously bad habit. But, it is not something to worry about.

Cat scratching Sofa showing bad behavior o worry about
Photo From Unsplash

Rule of thumb to fix it:

Thinking about how frustrating it is to discipline your cat to avoid these problems?

Cat’s changing behavior can be annoying but with proper training and essentials, you can overcome them. In this regard, the following things should be considered.

But, your feline should like that post otherwise, it is not going to be useful. It is a hit and trial error once, your feline is comfortable with it. You are good to go.

Cat sleeping peacefully with her parent
Photo From Unsplash

Takedown:  It should be kept in mind while providing a scratching post for the first time, you need to put the post on sites your feline use to scratch. When they do so treat them with food or cuddles. Pet Ville-RSPCA’s store offers a variety of scratching posts.

  • Trimming nails will save you from getting an injury.
  • Redirect behavior and treat them with food or toys like balls and strings.
  • Physical activities: Fluffy buddies always want to have fun. Take them out, exercise daily. It will keep them charged up and prevent bad behaviors.
  • Reinforce right playing behavior.

3. Aggressiveness- The Violent Behavior of Feline:

The most common bad behavior of cats is aggression. It can occur due to many reasons but it’s easy to overcome it. So, try to understand the underlying cause of this emotional change and then fix it.


According to Cornell Feline Health Center, an aggressive feline shows following behavioral changes.

  • Dilated pupils
  • Ears flattened backward on the head
  • Tail held erect with hairs raised

Cat showing aggresive behavior showing bad behavior o worry about
Photo From Unsplash

Causes of Aggression:

  • The feline may become aggressive if you play too much or too little.
  • Patting for too long-especially new kittens may frustrate the cat.
  • The cat may also show bad behavior changes if it is unable to express its excitement for any particular thing.
  • If there is any physical problem like pain, stress, or injury, your feline will become furious.

Photo From Unsplash

Rule of thumb to fix it:

Firstly, consult your vet to treat physical distress, if any. But if there is no medical problem, you can also go for a qualified veterinary behaviorist for better suggestions. Socialize your cat well, as isolation may also need aggression.

Give proper time to play with your fluffy friend. Don’t pet too much.

Takedown: Never ever tug fighting cats, this will make them more aggressive. Instead, gush some water to stop them.

Also, provide resources to roam around and facilitate your cozy cat with all essentials like a litter box, water, and food. In this way, you can comfort your fluffy friend and calm it down.

Lastly, you need to understand the nature and needs of your cat. Some cats are a loner and do not like to get along with other people or pets. So, it can also lead to aggression

4. Hyperactive at night – Zombie behavior of Cat:

Cats may also encounter a very common problem i.e. they become hyperactive at night. You want to sleep but your cat wants to play. Kittens are usually more energetic by nature but if they are treated well and have enough physical activity then they do not behave like this.

Still, if they show such behavior then they have become hyperactive. This cat’s bad behavior may end up to frustrate the owner.

Annoying. Right?

Then how to discipline your cat for this zombie attitude?

hyperactive cat showing bad behavior o worry about
Photo From Unsplash

Rule of thumb to fix it:

Well, if you notice such behavioral changes in your feline you can go for professional help. Firstly, ask your vet to check if there is any pathological condition that made it behave like this. If yes, then treat your fluffy friend properly.

If it’s not the case, then probably you are not giving enough time to your kitty. It demands your time, if you are busy a lot then this might be the reaction of your fluffy buddy to seek your attention. 

Spare some time from your schedule and have small sessions with your bud to keep it happy and if this works then continue this practice to make it less active.

However, mealtime also plays an important role in the activity level of your feline. It is not very common that your cat might wake you up for food. But, if it is the case then you should ponder over the feeding chart of your cat. 

Photo From Unsplash

You should also facilitate your cat with accessories and toys around it. This will help it to get tired and relax. Regular small meals are preferred and it is advised to give the small meal a little earlier than bedtime and then play with it. This behavior guide will make your cat sleep well at night.

5. Meowing – Bad behavior of Cat:

Meowing is the natural way for cats to interact with people. Some cats breed meows a lot by nature like Siamese. But, sometimes cats start to do it a lot. It is also a common behavioral disorder but not easily detectable.

Cat normally meows:

  • To seek the attention of you.
  • Asking for food.
  • To ask for help.
  • To find a mate
cat meowing showing bad behavior o worry about
Photo From Unsplash

Takedown: Older cats are more likely to develop this bad behavior. They may develop such diseases as Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive diseases that lead to confusion, lack of social interactions, and end up meowing a lot.

Rule of thumb to fix it:

Firstly, observe carefully when your cat does this a lot. Seek vet help. Try to find either it is food-related, stress, or any other medical condition that is making your cat yowling a lot.

Once you know the cause then train your cat to control its vocalization.

  • Teach your cat to stay quiet, do not pay attention when she is meowing a lot. Reinforcement is the key. Deal with patience and your cat will know when to meow and when not.
  • Cat meows due to loneliness also. If that’s the case then you should arrange a visit for it.
  • Meowing can be a cause of change in diet plans. The cat is not happy with it, observe the change in the feeding pattern of your cat. If it is so, then change it under your vet’s supervision.
  • Cats also meow in heat. Take care of their heat cycle.

royal cat without any bad behavior
Photo From Unsplash


Cat is the best fluffy partner to have in your life. But, they need to be taken care of. We have discussed the most common cat’s behavioral changes that you need to worry about.

Conquer your feline friend with these solutions to common problems of your cat.

Do share your cat’s bad behavior with us. Also, let us know how you deal with it

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